Benefits of being a digital nomad

Working at an office and having a fixed work routine is no longer the only way to work. Digital telecommunications technology and the ease of travel has allowed people to work while traveling all over the world.  This has given rise to the term digital nomad. A digital nomad is a person whose job allows them to work remotely, while traveling to different countries that combines highly skilled work with immersive tourism in the country of preference. They have no permanent address and change their place of residence regularly.

Spain, a paradise for digital nomads

Spain is the perfect choice of place for a digital nomad to live where cities like Madrid and Barcelona have been voted the best places worldwide to setup a digital business.  This is because Spain has the digital infrastructure and economic ecosystem that attracts entrepreneurs and digital nomads.  Hundreds of events are organized every year for the different digital industries where a digital nomad can make professional and creative connections.

The climate and natural beauty of Spain encourages a lifestyle that is a healthy balance between work and leisure that is supplemented by a cuisine and culture that is both rich and interesting but affordable.   The cost of living in Spain is reasonable even if it is not the cheapest country in Europe.

To be able to live and work in Spain, one has to have the legal documents to do so. Spain is planning to launch its visa for digital nomads in May 2023. This visa will allow digital nomads to live in the country without the need for a work visa for six months to a year. In the meantime, digital nomads can apply for the non-lucrative visa to live in Spain.