How to obtain Spanish citizenship in two years being Filipino


If you are a citizen of one of Spain’s former colonies particularly Philippines, you can become a citizen of Spain […]

second nationality

The second nationality, the best plan b for investors


Diversifying your investment portfolio can not only offer you higher returns or lower risk but sometimes investing can also mean […]

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spanish residency

Spanish residency as a solution to travel through the Schengen area without the need for a visa application


Spanish residency can be the perfect solution for many Filipino investors.  Anyone wishing to enter the Schengen Area for whatever […]

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Golden Visa Canada

Golden Visa Canada, a perfect option for Philippine investors


The Golden Visa Canada is the perfect option for Philippines to become permanent residents in the Top 1 country for Quality […]

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transfer company

I am moving to Spain to a transfer with my company, what should I do?


Every year, a large number of foreigner workers from a non-European Union country who work in a multinational company are […]

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move to another country

I work from home; can I move to another country?


The modern-day digital nomad lifestyle has recently grown in popularity. A digital nomad is someone who lives and works wherever […]

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buy a property in Spain

What are the steps to buy a property in Spain?


The purchase of a property is usually a long and tedious process, but this effect is multiplied if we decide […]

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Spanish Golden Visa

Spanish Golden Visa: Why is it the solution I am looking for?


In which nations are more fundamental requirements for the best quality of life possible met? Where can you find additional […]

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living in Madrid

Guide to living in Madrid


Madrid welcomes you! Find out how to get around, where to eat, the history of the city, as well as […]

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