Changes on the Golden Visa Portugal on hold

Last February, the Portuguese government announced some changes in the Golden Visa Portugal, restricting the Golden Visa in the cities of Porto and Lisbon and their respective metropolitan areas. Algarve was another region affected too.

According to the government, changes in law will come into effect from 2021 and aims to promote investment in other areas with low population and poorest, as well as encourage urban requalification in cultural heritage or activities of high environmental and social value.

However, and due to the coronavirus, the government has suspended the changes announced in February 2020. According to Dinheiro Vivo, Ministry of Foreign Affairs “the changes are not a priority at the moment”.

However, and due to the coronavirus, the government has put the changes announced in February on hold. A person in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has told Dinheiro Vivo that  “the changes are not a priority at the moment” .

On the other hand, Luís Líma, president of the national association of real estate professionals (APEMIP) told that “nobody will emerge from this crisis unscathed and the country would really appreciate the millions of euros that it would receive” if the program remains open to people to buying in Lisbon and Porto.

Finally, from January 2022, the changes the Portuguese government has made to the Golden Visa Portugal will become effective.

An opportunity to invest, Golden Visa Portugal

In summary, all the international investors who want to invest in Portugal and especially in the most important cities, like Lisbon and Porto, they can do it. With an excellent quality of life, Portugal is a gateway to Europe for international investors. With a pleasant climate, good education, health and safety systems and competitive prices, it is one of the best European countries to start a new life.

A Portuguese passport allows the holder free movement meaning that one can live, work, and study in Portugal and anywhere else within the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

A Portuguese passport holder can travel visa-free to 186 countries.  


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