Denmark Golden Visa, residence programme

The small and beautiful country of Denmark, located in Northern Europe is known for its amusing landscapes, which include volcanic islands and infinite beaches, stunning castles, and the unique and colorful facades singular on the streets of this Scandinavian country. The size of Denmark will allow you to visit all the important and distinguished landmarks of the country easily, like the famous Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens, and the original Legoland resort (Denmark is the homeland of the LEGO bricks!). Famous for being the happiest country in the world, Denmark has a healthcare system that is hassle-free and without any charge, as well as free education for its residents, whereas native Dane students are given an allowance of $1,000 for studying in the country. Moreover, the position of the Nordic country is advantageous for entrepreneurs that are constantly traveling overseas, for it only takes 20 minutes to get to the airport from the center of Copenhagen. The location of Denmark also benefits those who love to travel, neighboring cities such as London, Hamburg, Brussels, and Amsterdam are only 1-3 hours away from the Scandinavian country. All these are the reasons to apply for the Denmark Golden Visa.

Denmark Golden Visa for entrepreneurs

For its transparency, low level of corruption, and high quality of living, Denmark is an attractive location for entrepreneurs to locate their business. The Start-up Denmark is a scheme processed by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) that will grant an opportunity to you and to your family members (spouse, registered or cohabiting partner, as well as children under the age of 18) to acquire a residence permit of 2 years by establishing an innovative company, which has to be approved by a panel of experts appointed by the Danish Business Authority.

The normal process time for the Start-up Denmark is 1 month and the fee for the process is DKK 2,000 ($326). To be eligible to apply for this permit, applicants should play an active part in running the business, as well as provide documentation that demonstrates their good financial status. However, if you find yourself changing or closing and starting a new business, you must apply for a new Denmark Golden Visa and work permit. Becoming a permit-holder under the Start-up Denmark will grant you the opportunity to reside in the country, as well as the chance to visit other countries within the Schengen Area. The permanent residence can be obtained in 6 years or 4 years if some additional requirements are met. Nonetheless, permit holders must not stay abroad for any longer than 6 successive months in order to keep their residency permit.

Obtain residence by investment

The Denmark Golden Visa is another choice for entrepreneurs that want to acquire a residency permit through investment. The processing time for this business visa is 1 month and the minimum investment is €100,000 with different danish sectors to choose from for the investment, including real estate and construction, cleantech, research, and technology, etc. Holders of the Denmark Golden Visa are eligible for permanent residency after 5 years, and after 9 years of uninterrupted living, they can apply for Danish Citizenship.

The Nordic country offers an innovative and creative environment that gives inspiration to entrepreneurs to learn and start their business goals; with the advantages that come from living in the happiest country in the world, foreign investors and expats will find the welcoming Danish community and its peaceful climate as the perfect place to continue to grow their careers, as well as the ideal home for their families.

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