Golden Visa Greece, latest news for international investors

Last week, the Greek Parliament approved the Law 4686/2020 which, with other changes, introduces two important improvements related with the Golden Visa Greece program and which will benefit surely international investors.

Both changes will help and facilitate the property purchase and the golden visa application, now that, due to the coronavirus crisis it is more difficult to cross-borders and travel to others European countries.

Main changes of the Golden Visa Greece

  • The international investor can make the full payment €250,000 from abroad, without travelling or moving from their country and there is no requirement to open a bank account in Greece.

As the new law says, real estate procedures can be done though proxy or POA (power of attorney) from home.

  • The permanent residence card can be collected by representative of the applicants. Again, the applicants do not need travel to Greece.

 Finally, the international investor who has applied for the Golden Visa Greece can travel any time within 6 months from the residency applications.

Why invest in Greece is a good idea

As we have explained in other posts, Greece offers the most economic Golden Visa program in Europe. Moreover, the climate, beaches, islands, food, good work-life balance or the way of living, made the country a very attractive option for international investors.

The country is also the chosen destination for foreign retirees that want to live their retirement days seeking for beautiful landscapes, rich culture and lots of island-hopping spots.

Investment options to apply for the Golden Visa Greece

The country offers the most affordable residency program all over Europe offering two easy options in just 60 days:

If you want to invest in Greece, contact us. Depending on your situation and your objectives, we will recommend the residency program that best suits you and your family. If you are looking for a high quality of life, Greece is a very good option.

Remember, that you can apply on the Golden Visa Greece without leaving your country. Our team will manage everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.