Healthcare and educational system, benefits with the Golden Visa Spain

Golden Visa SpainInternational direct investment in Spain has a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs that are looking forward to investing in a long-time plan while having the chance to live, work and study in the country along with their family members. International investors that apply for the Golden Visa Spain will surely benefit through the measurements under the Spanish Government such as the principle of free establishment and non-discrimination of international investors, incentives for FDI like tax benefits, professional training and preferential access to credit, among others, as well as guaranteed talented and skilled labor for the success of their businesses.

Nevertheless, there are more reasons to consider when it comes to the lifestyle and advantages in the way of life in Spain, for the recent updates in the Spanish Education System and the free high-quality healthcare system will finalize your decision in investing and living in the Mediterranean dream.

Is healthcare free in Spain? How is the educational system? Discover the two main benefits of Golden Visa Spain

An excellent educational system

By receiving the Golden Visa Spain, you and your family will be entitled to the right to access the educational system and free healthcare of the country. This will mean that your children will be able to enroll in a state school, a partially state-funded independent school, or a private school of your choice. In recent years, Spain has undercome updates in its education system, which has widely improved the teaching quality, innovation, infrastructure, and curriculum to adapt to Spanish and foreign pupils. According to the most recent Pisa survey of Schools in the OECD, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the quality of education in this country has been proven to be better than schools in Finland, Japan, or Korea, whereas some schools in Spain are declared as best schools by the elite of education worldwide. Furthermore, this has been possible because many education programs in Spain provide international curricula, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), or the British Curriculum (GCSE and A Levels) that offer innovative methodologies that are suited to ensure the success of their foreign pupils.

Golden Visa SpainChildren that are under the Golden Visa Spain program can enroll in Child Education, Primary Education, Secondary, and University in the country. There is a wide range of schools available that ensure the utmost quality for international students that are aiming for an excellent academic experience. Spanish schools are committed to continuous innovation and training in new methodologies which are praised for their international quality. Furthermore, studying in Spain will provide international students the opportunity to learn the second most spoken language in the world, which will be a huge advantage when it comes to work application and cultural development. For that, Spain has been a great academic destination for families that seek their children to become a competitive shot wherein the highly prestigious schools offer education in both Spanish and English language.

Healthcare system: healthcare is free in Spain

Is healthcare free in Spain? In terms of the Spanish healthcare system, the country offers both state healthcare services that guarantee high-quality health care of universal coverage for all residents (including foreigners who had obtained the Golden Visa Spain) free of charge. To do so, you must register first with the Spanish social security, get your Spanish social security system and apply for a health card (tarjeta sanitaria individual or TSI); then you will be entitled to medical help. Although residents in Spain through the Golden Visa Spain are able to get free healthcare services, they can still apply for private healthcare. As matter of fact, Spain ranks 19th on the 2018 Euro Consumer Health Index and it is praised for its improving health outcomes.Golden Visa Spain

The advantages that come from investing in Spain are the main reason why, amidst the ongoing pandemic, there has been a total of 6,198 Golden Visa Spain issued by the end of June. International investors that see the country’s potential for financial and lifestyle growth are taking the chance to turn the Golden Visa Spain into their life plan. Are you interested in Golden Visa Spain?

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