Why should you invest in Greece?

Fashion TV interviewed Christos Vergos, investment manager in Orience International and Summit Venture partners in Greece and real estate market expert, to know the main reasons to invest in Greece.

As Vergos explained,  Greece offers the most economic Golden Visa program in Europe and also is the heart of Europe where the western civilization began. Moreover, the climate, beaches, islands or the way of living, made the country a very attractive option for international investors. “It is the closest and easiest way for someone to get in Europe. All that features make us the number one in preference today”, Vergos said.

On the other hand, Orience International has an experienced of more than 10 years providing the permanent residence permits or the Golden Visa, which gave the company a huge knowledge on the field, experience and an international view about the market.  Summit Venture partners is an investment fund with extensive experience in the acquisition, reform, sale and rental of properties in Europe.

See here the interview and discover why you should invest in Greece:

Best places to buy an investment property for sale

For investors that are planning to buy an investment property for sale to make a rental business, the best places to choose are in the largest island, Crete, Cyclades, Rhodes and Porto Heli – these are the areas in Greece that have year-long visits, specially during the summer where islands like Santorini are the chosen destination of many newlyweds, where over two million of tourists visit annually.

In order to find an investment property for sale in Greece, foreign investors are welcome to seek the help of our team in Orience International. We will locate the property that best fits your needs at an affordable price.