find property spain

How to find the perfect property to invest in Spain

Are you thinking of buying property in Spain? As a foreigner, the best way to successfully invest in real estate […]

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international mobility

International mobility solutions for international investors

International mobility has opened a lot of doors to students and professionals worldwide. It’s a good opportunity to obtain new […]

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tax incentive program

Greece’s tax incentive program for foreign retirees

The past few years has seen Greece mired in a deep financial crisis that was made even worse by the […]

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investment residency

What are the advantages of applying for an investment residency?

Citizenship by investment is a one-of-a-kind mechanism that allows people to get secondary citizenship by investing in the economy of […]

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How to find an investment property for sale in Greece

The number of foreign entrepreneurs that are eyeing on acquiring an investment property for sale in Greece to turn into […]

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How to get the European citizenship by investment

As the situation in many countries around the world become unfavorable for wealthy individuals, a second citizenship is increasingly becoming […]

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New rules and changes of the Portugal Golden Visa

New regulations about the Portugal Golden Visa have been implemented recently by the Portuguese government. The changes are about the […]

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One of the best countries to start a new live: Golden Visa New Zealand

New Zealand is known to be the most naturally beautiful and safest country in the world; not only it is famous for its stunning national […]

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Buy real estate in Spain

If you were planning to buy a beach house on a dreamy Balearic Island or invest to live a more […]

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Caribbean citizenship, the importance of having a plan B

The coronavirus pandemic has shown the importance of having a plan B, this means having an alternative plan during crisis […]

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