How to apply for permanent residency in Canada?

The promise of a better life can be achieved in Canada, which ranks the second-best country in the world, behind Germany, for overall sustainability, entrepreneurship, cultural and economic influence, and most importantly, quality of life. These essential characteristics ensure the success of residing in the country, famous for its politeness and safety. For that, many people are opting on making Canada their permanent address, through a program of residency in Canada.

Why obtain the residency in Canada?

One way to become a resident of the country and benefit from its status without the need of being a Canadian citizen is by becoming a permanent resident (PR) of Canada through a valid PR card, which you will need, along with your passport, to show whenever you travel outside Canada. Being a PR in Canada gives you the right to live, work and study anywhere in the country, as well as to receive the same advantages as other Canadian citizens, such as health care coverage, and protection under the Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In order to keep their status as PR, holders should at least live in Canada for 730 days (not continuous) during the last five years. Furthermore, if you are a permanent resident in the country for a period of time,  you are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship, which will give you the right to vote or run for political office, or hold some jobs that need a high-level security clearance.

Steps to get residency in Canada

For people that want to apply for permanent residency in Canada, the first step is to apply to the province or territory where they want to live, wherein each territory has its own application and nomination procedures.

Upon the continuation of the application for PR, the applicants must answer and submit a list of forms that are available on the official website of the Government of Canada, along with the submission of the required legal documents. On the website, a step-by-step procedure along with the needed links is available for the applicants to follow the process of their application more easily.

The fees for the permanent residence include the processing fee of $825 and the permanent residence fee of $500 each for you and your partner, and an additional $225 for your child. Once you submit your application and pay the necessary fees, the IRCC will process your application and decide if you are eligible for a permanent residency in Canada. A successful application will grant you and your family members the status of PR of Canada, along with its benefits. After being a legal permanent resident for three of the four previous years, you can apply for a Canadian passport through Canadian citizenship.

Residence during coronavirus

Although anyone that is financially prepared and is looking forward to moving to the country can apply for permanent residency in Canada, there have been some changes in the reviewing and processing of the applications due to the on-going pandemic. The focus is on priority applications, such as returning residents and people who work on essential services. The Government of Canada has renewed the Express Entry application for that applicants are granted a 90-day extension to send the documents needed from the deadline in the request letter for the PR application. This extension is automatically given without the need of contacting the Government of Canada’s offices until the applicant is able to get the required documents.

To help you understand better the situation of the country during the COVID-19, the official website of the Government of Canada offers information in multiple languages that can be used by possible applicants for permanent residency.

Regardless of the obstacles applicants may encounter, the benefits that come from becoming a PR are worth it, for Canada offers advantages to its residents with great career opportunities and good living standards.

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