How to obtain Spanish citizenship in two years being Filipino

If you are a citizen of one of Spain’s former colonies particularly Philippines, you can become a citizen of Spain in two years instead of having to wait for the usual ten years permanent residency in Spain.

What is permanent residency?

A permanent residency is granted to a person who has lived in Spain for five uninterrupted years that can be renewed every five years. With a permanent residency, one enjoys the same privileges as a Spanish citizen. Once you have been granted a permanent residency by the Spanish government and continue to renew it for as many times as necessary and have reached a total of ten years living in Spain, then you can apply for citizenship.

But if you are a citizen of any Latin American country, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines or Portugal you can apply for Spanish citizenship after two years of permanent residency and you do not need to renounce your original nationality. For these preferred countries, dual citizenship is allowed by the Spanish government.

The year you obtain your residence card, is the start of the count towards the required number of years needed to apply for Spanish citizenship.  It is necessary to have lived the required number of years in Spain without interruption.  More than three months outside the country or frequent travel may be reasons that your application for citizenship may be denied.   A clean police history and no criminal record while living in Spain is paramount.

Benefits of Spanish nationality

On the other hand, Spanish citizenship is a right that allows you to live indefinitely in Spain, the right to vote, free movement within the European Union and the benefits that membership in the European Union accord. However, you will need to give up your original citizenship unless you are from one of Spain’s former colonies.  However, Spanish citizenship will allow you to expand and diversify your financial assets in real estate, a business project, in company shares or bank deposits or government bonds. As a citizen of Spain, you are guaranteed free movement within the European Union. Your will also be enjoying the high standards of living that Spanish citizens enjoy, that include an excellent health care system, world-class education, an efficient public transportation system and telecommunication services, and exceptional leisurely activities.