How to obtain the Spanish citizenship in 2 years through the real estate investment

Spain is known for its famous shores, beaches, and Mediterranean climate with a wide array of sceneries and landscapes. It is also world-famous for its Kings who launched the famed explorer and navigators throughout the globe, must-see locations include Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. Spanish tourist spots are made up of Europe’s best ski resorts, volcanoes, and spectacular mountains. Obtain Spanish nationality is the best option to enjoy the beauty of Spain.

And these experiences are not limited to its beautiful landscapes but also to several citizenship benefits. Spain is a member of the European Union and with Spanish citizenship, you can enjoy the freedom to live and work throughout the EU. With Spanish citizenship under the Golden Visa, you have the freedom to move around the Schengen countries without any hassle.

The benefits of obtain Spanish nationality can be extended to your family, your spouse or partner, and children under 18 or financial dependents. In comparison to other nations, Spain does well across a range of well-being metrics according to the Better Life Index.

In terms of work-life balance, health, social ties, and safety, Spain scores better than the average. Spain is not a very costly place to live. Understanding why the current pricing levels are comparatively low is made easier by having a lower average pay and a larger unemployment rate than the rest of Europe. Your residency in Spain also allows you to work in the country.

You don’t have to wait for many years to do this

Usually, you have ten years of residence before you may obtain Spanish nationality. For people who were born in a former Spanish colony, this period is decreased to two years. This includes Ecuador, the Philippines, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and more.

This unique arrangement with Spain allows them to acquire Spanish citizenship without giving up their original citizenship and therefore have dual nationality.

Beyond this condition, one must reside effectively more than 183 days a year for 10 years in Spain, plus additional legal requirements, to be a Spanish citizen.

The best way to live legally in Spain and the EU is the Golden Visa through investments. The Spain Golden Visa Program promotes non-EU investors to finance governmental debt, job growth, and real estate. Investors and their families are qualified for temporary residency under the program.

Originally, the validity period of the Spain Golden visa is one year. After that, you can request to have your visa turned into an investor residence permit, which will be good for two years, just like citizens from former Spanish colonies.

The Golden Visa legally provides you with a two-year residence permit. Afterward, with a maintained investment you can renew it every two years indefinitely. Then, you can decide to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit after five years of being there with a two-year Residence Permit.

Diversify your options

The Golden Visa is a permit that enables non-EU immigrants to live and work in Spain with their families, as long as they can demonstrate that they have made a sizable capital investment there and that all other requirements have been satisfied.

  1. Real estate investments

Foreigners should definitely consider purchasing real estate in Spain. Real estate investments in Spain can yield great returns and give buyers the chance to settle in one of Europe’s best nations.

This route gives you the chance to invest in Spain in the acquisition of real estate for a value equal to or greater than five hundred thousand euros (€500,000) and obtain a Residency Visas for Acquisition of Real Estate (RIV).

A family can move in with a €500,000 real estate investment. This is renewable every two years. Permanent residency is available after five years, while citizenship is achievable after 10 years.

  1. Share or businesses

You can always carry out a business project in Spain that is considered to be of general interest. Your key to a Golden Visa can be made by investing in shares of Spanish companies for €1,000,000.

Consider making an investment in a start-up that will create jobs, advance science and/or technology, and have a positive socioeconomic influence on the Spanish neighborhood where it will operate.

To be of public interest, the project must meet one of these conditions: it must provide scientific and/or technological innovation, it must generate jobs or its investment must have a significant impact on the region. This permit is called Residence Visa for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Activity (REM).

  1. Government bonds

If you invest at least €2,000,000 in 5-year (or longer) Spanish Government bonds, you can get a residence visa and then a residency permit.

This visa is good for one year of residence. If you still keep the investment, you can apply for a temporary residency permit this year that will be good for 5 years. The application may list your spouse and your dependent, unmarried children.

Once a year, visiting Spain is a must for active residency status. You can apply for your desired permanent residency after five years of holding the temporary residence visa.

  1. Bank deposit

Another way is to make a €1,000,000 money transfer into a Spanish bank account. This investment in Spanish banks for a value equal to or greater than one million euros (€1,000,000) also provides a possible route to swiftly process your Golden Visa. This permit is also under those approved for Residence Visa for Real Estate Acquisition (RIV).

These options definitely broaden the many options you may take to enjoy your investment and eventual citizenship in Spain. Once decided, investors must take note that investments must have been made and accredited no more than 60 days before the application was submitted in order to qualify for this sort of investor resident visa.

The process to get your Golden Visa starts with Orience. Make your journey in obtaining your citizenship and investments through various legal ways enjoyable, secure, and worry-free.